Canela fina

This show depicts the path and destiny of « Macunaima » and his two brothers; fiction characters created by Mario De Andrade. He is kind of a national hero, like no other one, from a place like nowhere else. He is a hero with ‘no personality’, representing a syncretic country. He is Indian, born black, then becomes white. He goes through the same journeys that heroes from famous tales have been through; to then end up in his home forest and transform into a constellation like all the other characters in the tale.

‘They will manage to touch the stars…’
In order to tell the tale of these« Macounaimes », we got inspired by from children who live in the streets.  With this project, we aim to highlight all the positives from these children by sharing their life styles and values. To name a few: courage, solidarity, responsibility. We also aim to convey part of their imaginary world.

‘They are brothers! But they are completely different…’
Inclusion becomes a reunion…  wanting to live together is the most generous and realistic form of citizenship, it is about accepting each other’s differences.


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