Brothers Stéphane and Alexandre Haffner, take you and « Mana » in an adventure at the heart of the 4 elements that are Water, Air, Earth and Fire. For several years now, their company, ‘Les Farfadais’, has been sharing its fantastic universe during big televised events, concerts and festivals with spectators from all around the world; ranging from the United States to China, Turkey, Japan and Thailand.

‘Mana’ is a 1h30 long enchantment show, for the entire family. It charms with its colourful and surprising costumes, its music, its live songs and let’s not forget its amazing stunts and outstanding aerial choreographies. The various scenes take you to a faraway planet populated with either wonderful or terrifying characters. Let’s have a flavour of it:

After a long sleep, Mana, the energy that created the universe, wakes up to give birth to a new creation known as Big Bang. All is well until comes Volcania, the Goddess of Fire, accompanied by her loyal disciple Perfagor. This flamboyant diva cannot stand the harmony that reigns on this world; which is in fact too small for her ego and her ambitions. She wants to use the universe as a hunting ground, spread hatred and set the nation alight. Therefore, to fulfil her sinister projects, Volcana must first get rid of Océane, the goddess of water who lives in the Kingdom of happiness and Love.

Volcania will get to face Océane by getting in the sea; but she must obtain a coat made out of mermaid scales that will protect her flames from the waters.

But who will help her capture these aquatic creatures? aWill Volcania find in Vanity, Goddess of Earth, a precious ally? Or will it be in Eos, God of Air? Should Mana intervene to re-establish order or should she let the gods of the 4 elements by themselves find the solution to this problem? Come meet Mana and let yourself be taken away by this wonderful story…


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