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Les farfadais


The story began in 1998 on the cobblestones of Paris in front of the Beaubourg center. At the origin of the company, two brothers, Alexandre and Stéphane, come from a dual French and Italian culture. Two artists with multiple talents and complementary character who turned their difference into creative wealth and imagined their new circus.

The simple initial duo has today become a company of more than 50 artists from the four corners of the planet. The company also produces more than 1000 handmade costumes made in our sewing workshop. And as the Farfadais need space to create and rehearse, a 700 m² premises in the Alpes-Maritimes and, recently, a second 300 m² premises in Barcelona (Spain) welcome the company.

Stéphane Haffner

Stéphane practiced gymnastics at a high level from the age of 6 to 17. In 1995, he began creating numbers for the street. Spotted, Stéphane then enters theaters and television sets in Italy. In 1996, following dual training in fashion design and at circus school, he developed the creation of original visual acts and integrated acrobatic acts.

Alexandre Haffner

From the age of 10, Alexandre practiced climbing and trained in aerial climbing techniques. In 1997, he began to market his ready-to-wear creations. The fashion shows he organizes become visual spectacles where models and costumed acrobat-dancers mix. A performer at heart, Alexandre puts on a solo street show while continuing his studies in industrial design at the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy). Once he graduated, he joined his brother Stéphane within the company. He then designed the machinery and adapted unusual materials to make the costumes.

Les farfadais

The artistic core

Emiliano Simeoni

Choreographer & Assistant
Artistic direction

Kyle Kier

Acrobat & Assistant
Artistic direction

Claudia Fama

Manager & Assistant
Artistic direction



Natividad Hidalgo


Miguel Jimenez


Éléonore & Jérémie Lamourez


Estrella Jimenez & Levi Lopez


Oksana Mokhareva & Dmytro Mokharev


Les farfadais


Behind the scenes of our company, you will be able to meet Claudia stage artist converted into general manager and responsible for customer relations, Florent our chief costume designer who adorns the artists with magical costumes and Sarah our administrator who manages the production of our company.

All contribute to the dissemination of the visual language of our company and to the enhancement of our recognized identity in the world of contemporary circus and live performance.

Claudia Fama

Customer Relations Manager

Sarah Brown

Office Manager

Florent Boyer

Costume Designer


Do you want isolated numbers? a show ? around a specific theme? in the colors of your logo? or a staging for welcoming a VIP? You understand: the Farfadais do everything to make your event a success.

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