Emiliano Simeoni

Choreographer & Assistant Artistic Director
Emiliano began classical dance at the age of 8 in Italy, encouraged by his mother who had dreamed of a career as a classical dancer. At the age of 17, he participated in several international dance competitions and won a scholarship to the Nice off-jazz center of master Gianin Loringette. The following year, Emiliano joined the classical ballet of Madrid under the great Victor Ullate.

After a career as a solo dancer on Spanish and Italian TV sets (1992-2000) and a career as an international model for numerous brands, Emiliano met Stéphane Haffner in a show on Rai1 in Rome. This meeting generated real love at first sight between the two artists! Then begins a collaboration which gives life to duo dance-acrobatic numbers and which will take the name “Duo Angels”.

Stéphane then suggests that Emiliano follow him to Paris to work with him and his brother Alexandre for Les Farfadais. In January 2001, Emiliano put aside his career on the small screen to become an active part of the company as a choreographer and assistant in the staging of performances. Since then, he has performed with Les Farfadais all over the world!

The links between the two brothers Haffner and Emiliano are not just a simple professional collaboration, it is above all a great friendship which has lasted for more than 15 years.

The characters

They will show you all their colors! Crawling, climbing, leaping on stilts perched high or rather inflated, sometimes larger than life, often extra-ordinary; Young and old won’t believe their eyes!

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